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Thread: Black & White Desexed Male

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    This cat was noticed in our front garden in Warnbro (suburb of Rockingham) approx 2 months ago, we have since taken him into our home, we already have 2 cats and would really like to find his owners.
    He is long haired, mainly white with a black fluffy tail, black on top of his head and some large black spots on each side, small black spot under bottom lip.
    He was very timed at first but friendly and has got better as he gets to know us. Though our cats are not being to friendly towards him at the moment. He has a collar which has a green key type tag attached, the centre of the tag is missing though so we have no name or details. If you have lost hime of may know whohas please contact us, can email photo if contacted.
    Contact Jennifer 0419194593

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    Hi everyone,
    After living with us since May 2010, we have found his family, a friend of the cats owner saw a poster at a vets where I had distributed the posters and they rang me, could not believe I had him, but great news, glad to have him back with his family.

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